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Our Mission

  • The Washington Coast Sustainable Salmon Partnership is one of seven regional salmon recovery organizations in the state, but unlike the rest of Washington, our salmon runs are relatively strong – and it is vital that we maintain their long-term integrity and productivity.

    Our salmon, while healthier and more abundant than the rest of the state, are still at historic lows.  The least expensive and most efficient way to achieve wild salmon recovery is to focus efforts in geographic locations with the least degradation of habitat and the greatest chance for success.

    The Washington Coast Sustainable Salmon Partnership was formed by the four coast Lead Entities in 2007 and is organized under an Interlocal agreement between Counties, Cities, Tribes and Ports within the region.

    Among our first tasks is to develop a Regional Plan for salmon protection, which will identify common goals, objectives, and strategies for restoration throughout the region.  We are in the early stages of this process and welcome the involvement of all interested parties.  Sign up of for regular updates of the process or contact us directly to learn about how you can become involved.  Your interest is all that is required.